How does one trust an Australian Journalist?

Following on from the previous post, “How does one trust an Australian Climate Scientist,” a leading Australian Climate Scientist, Prof. Paul Chubb, a MAJOR player in the ‘death threat to scientists’ scandal, appears at the Australian National Press Club, misleading a respected  journalist institution.

As with so many other people who ‘believe’ in man made catastrophic global warming’, compromise, hypocrisy and a lack of morality catches them out.

The following email was sent to  the NPC:

To whom it may concern,

On 24th May 2012, (6 days ago) Professor Ian Chubb unequivocally led the National Press Club of Australia to believe that the “Death Threats” were real and he had acted properly by relocating the scientists concerned.

See video of Ian Chubb’s address and in particular question put to him by Christian Kerr of the Australian at 30mins 40seconds of the video.
Video of Ian Chubb’s Address

On the face of it, having regard to his reported evidence to the Senate Committee Ian Chubb fair and square and carefully mislead the National Press Club.

Why did Chubb provide those answers, when he now admits he never read the offending emails?

The NPC awarded this ‘misleader of the truth’ for his ‘misleading’ efforts.

Will the NPC take back the free membership and/or demand a apology?

Is there not one journalist in the NPC prepared to seek the truth or reason why this man needed to exaggerate?

This scandal has a long way to go, like a snowball traveling downhill, as it is more than just misleading the NPC, but goes to the heart of journalism and it’s desire to tell the truth.

Remember, the internet never forgets.

As of this posting, no reply, no action, nothing from the NPC.
There is SO much wrong with this.
This is evidence the Australian media has abandoned its principles.
If they respond to the email, there will be an update.