Climate Frauds UN-IPCC exposed quoting fraudulently adjusted temperature data in court.

At a stroke this case may affirm that up to one quarter of our planet’s climate records have been fraudulently audited.

New Zealand skeptics of man-made global warming score historic legal victory as discredited government climate scientists perform U-turn and refuse to allow a third party peer-review report of official temperature adjustments to be shown in court.

New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) are reeling after what may prove a fatally embarrassing admission that it is breaking a solemn undertaking given to parliament.

As such, this would bring a swift victory for skeptics with profound legal ramifications around the world.

In the sparsely-measured southern hemisphere the New Zealand climate data is critical to claims about a verified global temperature record.

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Friday September 07

Climate change deniers swamped in NIWA court challenge

“The plaintiff does not succeed on any of its challenges to the three decisions of NIWA in issue. The application for judicial review is dismissed and judgment entered for the defendant.”

Justice Venning says Dunleavy “has no applicable qualifications” and “his interest in the area does not sufficiently qualify him as an expert”.

He also questioned the credentials of Bob Dedekind, a computer modelling and statistical analyst whose “general expertise in basic statistical techniques does not extend to any particular specialised experience of qualifications in the specific field of applying statistical techniques in the field of climate science”.

Joannenova , 7 Sept. 2012:

The NZ court case of skeptics versus NIWA has come down against the skeptics.

“By ruling that the evidence from Terry Dunleavy, and Bob Dedekind was inadmissible on the grounds of qualification, Justice Venning has done two things: a) he has apparently left the door open for an appeal or other form or review (precident might be an interesting thread to follow); and b) he has removed himself from the matter, and is no longer involved or able to comment.”

Rereke Whakaaro
September 7, 2012 at 10:14 pm     comment #5.1
UPDATE 12 Sept. 2012:
UPDATE 15 Sept. 2012:  
A judge has thrown out a legal challenge by climate change sceptics, which accused Government scientists of manipulating data. 
Wratt is a senior member of the IPCC, the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, and is in agreement with the majority of the world’s climate scientists who say human-induced climate change is happening all around us and that the warming of the Earth and acidification of the oceans is reaching a critical stage.
Wratt’s frustration is not just at the sceptics but also at the attention they receive, given they are the minority.
The New Zealand Climate and Health Council, which says it has 150 medical professionals as members, said groups like the Climate Science Coalition were “still peddling lies that kill, they are delaying action essential to protect human health”.