Climate frauds. Yes, we have no Nobel prize!


Fraud  in climate ‘science’ is what we are about here at climate fraudsters, and don’t we have some of the biggest  climate frauds for you today.

Michael Mann, the original climate hockey stick maker who ‘disappeared’ the medieval warming period, has claimed in an upcoming lawsuit he initiated against Mark Steyn, a canadian journalist, that he is a ‘winner’ of a Nobel Prize.

You know the prize. The one they gave Obungles for creating peace in the world after 3 weeks in office as POTUS.

4 years later, the Nobel Prize is a source of derision.

How is that world peace working out for you?

Benghazi anyone?

Never-the-less, Bambi Obungles is a climate fraud.

He just doesn’t talk about it much nowdays since the seas stopped rising , and the planet has ‘healed’ itself.

Climate rebel, Donna Laframboise,  author of the factual, most excellent book, “The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for a top climate expert ( Why the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can’t be trusted)“, highlights the latest UN-IPCC lead author who is a Green Party Apparatchik.

Like his partner in climate fraud, Michael Mann, extrapolating, or exaggerating is part of the scheme, and claiming Nobel prizes is the way to go!

The IPCC claims to be conducting a scientific assessment of climate research.

That assessment surely needs to be done by people who are dispassionate – rather than by those who already have strong opinions.

Which explains why climate modeler Andrew Weaver thinks it’s perfectly OK to be a candidate for the Green Party of British Columbia (one of Canada’s provinces) at the same time that he’s serving as a lead author for the IPCC. Indeed, as Hilary Ostrov reports, Weaver has gone a step further – he has now become the party’s Deputy Leader.

One of the lead authors of the ‘hard science’ section of the upcoming IPCC report is deputy leader of a political party that fancies itself a beacon of leadership in an otherwise irresponsible world. This man sees himself as a messiah.

One final note. For a fee, Weaver (who already earns a decent living as a civil servant) will speak to your group about climate change.

2 frauds in one post. Bonus!


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Brian Lemon

Fauxbel Prize Winners

Checking out Michael Mann’s facebook page today, he seems quite miffed that EVERYONE is calling themselves a Nobel Prize winner, but they only attack ME!!!!
and here are some of those scientists that Mann despises for copying his idea of cutting and pasting his own little fake Nobel Prize certificate.

Henry Pollack

Richard Conant

Daniel Kammen

Grace Akumu

Mohan Munasinghe

Rolph Payet

CU-Boulder Research Faculty

Kevin Trenberth
David Karoly
Bryson Bates
Neville Nichols

John Houghton

Andrew Weaver