UN-IPCC Climate Debt. Who really owes who?

Much of the current angst at the UN regarding climate has to do with the idea of “climate reparations”.

These are an imaginary debt supposedly owed(1) by the major CO2 emitting nations to the countries of the developing world.
Now, there are some interesting things about this map.
First, it appears to be pretty accurate.
For example, if you look at the lower right part of Australia, you can see the two big cities of Sydney and Melbourne as red dots in the sea of blue.
So … I figured I’d take the data and divide it up by country, to see how much CO2 each country either emits or absorbs.
The answers were pretty surprising … Figure 2 shows the top 20 biggest net emitters of CO2.
That’s where I started laughing … I can just see France demanding climate reparations from India, or the UK demanding reparations from the “Democratic” Republic of the Congo … It gets better.
Funnier and funnier … Sweden and Norway get to demand reparations from Russia,
Finland can send a bill to the USA, while Australia can dun China for eco-megabucks.
(via watts up with that 2)

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