UN-IPCC- Deleted Data, ar5-spm errors

Doomsday Global Warming-
UN-IPCC Junk Climate Science update:

Nat Geo, JULY 3, 2014:
Data Deleted From UN Climate Report Highlight Controversies

When the United Nations’ last major climate change report was released in April, it omitted some country-specific emissions data for political reasons, a trio of new papers argue, sounding a warning bell about the global politicization of climate science.


November 12th 2013:
U.N. climate panel corrects carbon numbers in influential report

“Errors in the summary for policymakers were discovered by the authors of the report after its approval and acceptance by the IPCC,” it said in a statement.

It did not say how the errors had been made.

The panel had hoped to avoid more corrections after an embarrassing error about Himalayan ice-melt in its 2007 report.”