Kangaroos outnumber Green Jobs in Oz

Only in Oz would a mob of kangaroos in the shade of a tree out-number the workers in a green utopia of clean energy:

700 miles west of Sydney, a solar farm the size of London’s Hyde Park shimmers like an oasis – its panels sending enough electricity to the national grid to power 17,000 homes a year.

 Kangaroos occasionally outnumber the two or three people needed to run the plant.

The Australian government aims to get almost a quarter of the nation’s power from clean energy sources by 2020.

SMH, 22 December, 2015: How Broken Hill became a solar power trailblazer

The “Oasis” of green jobs is just one mirage in the green utopia of PM Talkbull as this will never supply a city like Sydney 24/7, 700 mies away.

Not even if you cut down trees & covered an area the size of  100 Hyde Parks with solar farms by 2020.


Getting rid of the hot air

Four years ago, environmental studies professor Roger Pielke Jr calculated that, in order to meet its 2020 emissions targets, Australia would need to replace its coal-generated electricity supply with 56 nuclear power plants – or open dozens of new solar power facilities every month.

Eager to be seen to be fighting climate change, Australia’s leaders had embraced a timetable Pielke describes as “fanciful at best”.