2015 Hottest Year Ever: The Antipodes

Australia – not so hot!

 UAH global satellite temperature data has been updated for December 2015.

Considering that this is arguably the strongest El Nino yet rivalling 1998 it seems that the Australian December turned out pretty average contrary to the claims of our local Climerati.


New Zealand – Not So hot!

WHAT some scientists are now describing as the strongest El Nino on record is the culprit behind a chilly and disappointing summer for the Gisborne-East Coast region.
Poor weather for Christmas
Those who thought it was a pretty poor Christmas/New Year for weather were right.
The figures show it was cold and miserable most of the time.
The tragedy of global warming … terrible …
However, despite the big dry, Australia experienced a number of significant ‘cold snaps’ throughout 2015, which produced snow in low-lying areas which normally don’t experience freezing conditions.