Arrhenius, Svante; Prof.

In 1902, the father of global warming predicted that burning coal would make the Earth boil.

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Hint to Coal Consumers 

“A Swedish professor, Svend Arrhenius, has evolved a new theory of the extinction of the human race.

He holds that the combustion of coal by civilized man is gradually warming the atmosphere so that the course of a few cycles of 10,000 years the earth will be baked in a temperature close to boiling point.

He bases his theory on the accumulation of carbonic acid in the atmosphere, which acts as a glass in concentrating and refracting the heat of the sun.”

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In 1910, the father of global warming saw burning coal and doubling CO2 as a huge benefit to mankind.

How The Burning of Coal Vitiates The Atmosphere

” It has been called to our attention by Prof. Arrhenius, the consumption of coal at present  is returning to the atmosphere the carbon dioxide of which it was robbed when deposits of carbon were stored away in coal beds during the carboniferous period.”
“… a doubling of the quantity in the atmosphere would more than double the growth of plant life.”
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For the Record:

The London Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazineand Journal of Science [Fifth Series] April 1896.

XXXI. On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground. By Prof. Svante Arrhenius *.

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