Skeptical Science: Why it’s NOT science.

Weather is NOT climate

On 21 January 2013,  dana1981, or Dana Nuccitelli, of Skeptical Science, published an open letter to London Mayor Boris Johnson titled :

Weather is not Climate.”

At issue for dana1981 was the fact that the Mayor had commented that it was snowing in London in winter, and that the sun was to blame for any global warming.

Said dana1981, “Quite simply, weather is not climate.”

On March 04, 2013, the Climate Commission of Australia released a report titled, “The Angry Summer.”

The “Angry Summer” was “90 days, 123 records broken,” according to the Climate Commission, in association with the BoM and the CSIRO.

(What does 3,318 cold records set this week in U.S. say? Possibly a “Boiling Mad Winter”)

In particular, January 2013 was of concern for the BoM catastrophists, with a fiery armageddon for Planet Earth just a tipping point away.

At the very same time, in the same month, in London, it was ‘snowing in winter‘.

Weather is NOW climate

ALSO, on March 04, 2013, in support of, and as part of the propaganda, the Age newspaper, Australia, published this piece highlighting the Climate Commission’s latest report titled, “Climate change a key factor in extreme weather, experts say”:

A few years ago, talking about weather and climate change in the same breath was a cardinal sin for scientists.

Now it has become impossible to have a conversation about the weather without discussing wider climate trends, according to researchers who prepared the Australian Climate Commission’s latest report.

The report, The Angry Summer, says behind the litany of broken heat and rainfall records this year, a clear pattern has now emerged.”

Yes. Weather is NOW Climate according to the Australian Climate Commission, courtesy of “The Angry Summer.”

The Question for dana1981:

* Will dana1981 write an apology to the Mayor of London quoting the Climate Commission


* Will dana1981 write an open letter to the Australian Climate Commission correcting their assertion that Weather is NOW Climate


* Will dana1981 do neither, allowing the junk science deceit & lies to continue?

☞    Any acknowledgments, open letters, apologies  from dana1981 will be posted when available.

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