Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Climate Frauds

Australia’s BoM releases it’s Annual Climate Summary for 2012, but FAILS to document in their “Official Historic Record” the ONE climate event proves the BoM/ UN-IPCC junk climate science models WRONG.


The Annual Climate Summary 2012 report is the Bureau of Meteorology’s official historical record of the previous year’s climate.

It provides a national overview of temperate and rainfall during the year, and documents significant weather and climate events.

** The SIGNIFICANT WEATHER/CLIMATE EVENT the BoM LEFT OUT of it’s 2012 Climate Summary:

27 April 2012


Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Senator Joe Ludwig said the expiry of EC declarations in Bundarra and Eurobodalla next Monday marked a major milestone for agriculture in Australia.

“The extended period of drought – which made things tough for many on the land – is finally over,” Minister Ludwig said.

Remember, in Australia, weather IS NOW climate:

A few years ago, talking about weather and climate change in the same breath was a cardinal sin for scientists.

Now it has become impossible to have a conversation about the weather without discussing wider climate trends, according to researchers who prepared the Australian Climate Commission’s latest report.

Why would the BoM delete a climate event like a 12 year drought breaking climate event that it didn’t predict with it’s junk global warming science?

Because the Australian BoM is a Climate Fraudster.

The BoM are government funded climate tax frauds.

Jail these frauds.


Another UN-IPCC/BoM failure to predict drought breaking climate change:

May 6, 2013

New Zealand’s worst drought in 30 years is over

The drought has broken in New Zealand, marking an end to the driest period in 30 years.

Julia Gillard: Climate Fraud, Hypocrite


Cognitive dissonance.


The main attributes required to be a ‘believer’ in catastrophic, alarmist man made global warming from carbon dioxide, released from carelessly burning fossil fuels.

For example, flying in airplanes is often cited as a main driver of dangerously warming the planet, destroying ecosystems, killing innocent animals.

And, so we note the latest demonstration of these features of eco warrior, hypocrite,  proven liar & climate fraud, Australian PM Julia Gillard.

On July 04, 2011:

JULIA Gillard has invoked a doomsday-like scenario of metre-high sea level rises and a 2000km southward shift of Australia’s climactic zones as she battles an opposition scare campaign over her proposed carbon tax.

Ms Gillard warned of threats to infrastructure, failures of urban drainage and sewerage systems, blackouts, transport disruption and private property damage as temperature rose by between 2.2 and 5 degrees by 2070.

“Now this is a huge change,”  Ms Gillard told reporters this morning.

“It is equivalent to the climate of Cairns being the climate of New South Wales.

So, if a temperature rise of  ‘between 2.2 and 5 degrees’ is so dangerous, where would you go for a holiday?

If you ‘knew’ of threats to infrastructure, failures of urban drainage and sewerage systems, blackouts, transport disruption and private property damage as temperature rose by between 2.2 and 5 degrees?

How would you travel to get there if you knew, on the best scientific advice, that burning fossil fuel was the cause, and advocated/legislated a carbon (sic) tax to change behaviour of the population to meet ‘climate debt‘ accrued from burning too much fossil fuel?

Walk/cycle to Melbourne?  Sail a boat to Tasmania? Antarctica?

Of course.

You would go to the north of Cairns, to Port Douglas in far north Queenslandto join the “fly and flop” crowd!

Australian PM JuLiar Gillard, Prime Climate Fraud & Hypocrite.

Greg Combet, Climate Fraud & Liar.

Today, Tuesday 10 July, 2012, The Minister for Klimate Kontrol, Greg Combet, answered ‘live’ on a blog, questions from readers.

At 10.00 am, the question, from Annie:

We are sick of your governments lies.The Carbon Tax is another lie. We are not allowed to say Carbon Tax. Why not ?

Why are you giving 10% of the Carbon Tax collected to the UN ?

Combet’s response @10.01 am:

Annie, this is incorrect – the Government is not giving any of the carbon price revenue to the UN. Every single cent raised by placing a price on pollution is being given to Aussie households, to support jobs in key industries, and to invest in clean energy.

This is a lie.

Australia announced its contribution of A$599 million in June 2010. Details of the package were jointly announced by the Hon. Greg Combet AM MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, and the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, in Cancún, Mexico in late 2010.

Greg Combet is a liar.

Handcuff time for Greg Combet.

Kicking this lying fraud out  at the next election is not enough!

UPDATE: Combet reponds @ 10.22 am:

Mark M, the figure you are pointing to is part of Australia’s overseas aid budget and does not come from the carbon price revenue.

The Gillard Government is party to the UN agreement, which Climate Change Minister Greg Combet entered into in December 2010 at a meeting in Cancun, Mexico.

Under this agreement approximately 10 per cent of the Carbon Tax revenues raised from developed nations will go into a Green Climate Fund.

A click on the official government website provided above states that it (The Aust. Govt.) reports to the “Secretariat of the UNFCCC. In addition, Australia has undertaken to provide update reports at each meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC throughout the fast-start finance period.”

The lies continue as GreenLaboUr treats voters like fools.