Global Warming Catastrophe by Travis T. & the Missing Heat

Global Warming Catastrophe by Travis T. & the Missing Heat


Original song by me!


Lyrics adapted from a Clive James poem, “Imminent Catastrophe”.

Gavin Schmidt and Reference Period “Trickery”

Climate Audit

In the past few weeks, I’ve been re-examining the long-standing dispute over the discrepancy between models and observations in the tropical troposphere.  My interest was prompted in part by Gavin Schmidt’s recent attack on a graphic used by John Christy in numerous presentations (see recent discussion here by Judy Curry).   christy_comparison_2015Schmidt made the sort of offensive allegations that he makes far too often:

@curryja use of Christy’s misleading graph instead is the sign of partisan not a scientist. YMMV. tweet;

@curryja Hey, if you think it’s fine to hide uncertainties, error bars & exaggerate differences to make political points, go right ahead.  tweet.

As a result, Curry decided not to use Christy’s graphic in her recent presentation to a congressional committee.  In today’s post, I’ll examine the validity (or lack) of Schmidt’s critique.

Schmidt’s primary dispute, as best as I can understand it, was about…

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Flashback 2002: CO2 allegedly made the Harbin ice sculptures “sweaty”

Flashback 2002: CO2 allegedly made the Harbin ice sculptures “sweaty”.

Jan 8, 2008 

“Average annual temperatures in the city perched on the edge of Siberia hit 6.6 degrees Celsius (44 Fahrenheit) last year, the highest average since records began, and the ice sculptures are feeling the heat.

“In the beginning of December 2002, ice lanterns in Harbin melted right after they were sculpted. What came out of the work was sweaty ice sculptures,” Yin Xuemian, senior meteorologist at the Heilongjiang Observatory, told Reuters.

Problems got worse in 2006.”

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2016 & Not a word about Doomsday Global Warming this year:
PHOTOS: Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival expected to draw over 1,000,000 visitors.
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Feminist Failures: Julia Baird

Where are the feminists?

Australian frightbat  Julia Baird, opining at the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), takes aim at a sexist:

Look, we all know Trump has form with women; he said he would be dating his daughter Ivanka if they were not related, and he prides himself on being able to pick a high-calibre woman, much as a horse owner might be able to pick a fine filly – checking the teeth, curves and vitals.

Charges of sexism have forced Trump to declare he will be “the best thing that ever happened to women.”

Meanwhile, in Europe, there has been an unprecedented  mass sexual assault on women which has been covered up by politicians and the press.

Let’s compare “Trump the sexist” to how they “inspect” women during mass sexual assault:

Some women reported being encircled by large groups of men who had “fingers on every orifice.” (via pjmedia)

No Trump style “checking of teeth” there.
But, see how they check the victims:
A woman, who came forward and told her story of being sexually assaulted in Cologne, Germany, on New Years Eve, was victimized a second time after an Internet video gave out her identity and suggested her account of the attack was anti-Muslim propaganda.
It gets worse.

Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki at New Year, Finnish police report

Finnish police ‘tipped off’ about plans by groups of asylum seekers to sexually harass women

Asylum seekers who met in central Helsinki to celebrate New Years’s Eve “had similar plans” to commit sexual assault and other crimes as those who targeted women in the Germany city of Cologne, Finnish Police have reported.

Much worse:

Then last week Sweden’s own stories began to emerge. During the We Are Sthlm music festival, large groups of young men harassed girls sexually. It began in 2014 and it also went on during last year’s festival.
According to internal police reports the groups were ‘so-called refugee youths primarily from Afghanistan’. The youngest of the victims was 12 years old.

The first response of the German authorities was to try to cover it up.
Less than a week after the attacks, The Washington Post reported Germany’s negotiation of a deal with social media companies to crack down on “hate speech” about migrants.
As Mark Steyn observed, “In one of the most famous public places in Germany a mass sexual assault took place … and every organ of the state colluded in covering it up. … So the state lacks sufficient manpower to be able to detain those whom they arrest in the commission of a crime … but they have sufficient manpower to be able to prosecute you for pointing that out.”
So what can you say in a land where real crime isn’t policed but thought-crime is?

A German government official even said that bad remarks about migrants were just as bad as the sexual assaults — which is a lot considering that one young female victim reported that “I had fingers on every orifice.”

Too many Muslim men are misogynists

I was not surprised by the mass sexual attacks against German women during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne. Shocked by the scale and the audacity of them, yes, but not remotely surprised. When Angela Merkel announced her decision to take in 800,000 refugees this summer, my sisters and I immediately predicted that this was going to lead to big problems for Western women.

Last week, roughly 200 women in Cologne, Germany, reported that they were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in a public square by a mob of more than a thousand Arab men.
That number exploded this week. More than 600 women now claim they were assaulted, molested, robbed and even raped, and reports are coming in not only from Cologne but also from elsewhere in Germany and even elsewhere in Europe.
Many years ago in Cairo I struck up a conversation with an Australian woman at a restaurant who was traveling around on break from her job at the Ministry of Defense.

* * *
Julia Baird thinks Trump is a threat.
If it wasn’t for double standards, feminists would have no standards at all.
* * *

FURY is growing in Germany over mounting evidence of ANOTHER cover-up of migrant sex crimes after it emerged a welcome party for refugees held two months before the Cologne rapes descended into a mass groping session.

Police and victims have furiously demanded to know why organisers did not warn them that refugees had committed abhorrent sexual harassment amid speculation such information could have helped avert the sickening attacks on New Year’s Eve.

MIGRANT SEX ATTACK ‘COVER-UP’: Welcome party for Cologne refugees turned into mass groping

David Bowie RIP: My Memorial Wall

How many hours of my life have I spent listening to David Bowie?

I can’t begin to quantify it.
All the hours spent on road trips, with Bowie albums played from start to end at max volume.
At home on a record player, a quiet drink, partying with friends.
With lovers.
The texture of my life has had Bowie woven into it.
I have been a working musician for most of my life, and have spent many, many hours playing along with Bowie records/songs, working song parts, solos.
Playing them again, ‘live’.
So much of my life has been Bowie.
Bowie was what could be.
Other ‘rock stars’ died too young, and we pondered what could have been.
Bowie answered that question.
What a star. What a legacy.
The Beatles were 4 parts, the sum greater than the individuals.
But Bowie was one person with a vision, a dream, and the inner fortitude to follow it.
And lead the way.
~ ~ ~

Bowie the Visionary

“Music itself is going to become like running water or electricity,” he added. 
“So it’s like, just take advantage of these last few years because none of this is ever going to happen again.”
“The absolute transformation of everything that we ever thought about music will take place within 10 years, and nothing is going to be able to stop it.
I see absolutely no point in pretending that it’s not going to happen.
I’m fully confident that copyright, for instance, will no longer exist in 10 years, and authorship and intellectual property is in for such a bashing.”
At 55, I don’t really think it’s going to change very much.
As you get older, the questions come down to about two or three.
How long? And what do I do with the time I’ve got left?
(If you are a fan, don’t miss the interview/link @nyt)
~ ~ ~


Congratulations to New Zealand’s Timaru Herald for this unique Bowie tribute:


(via Tim Blair)


(via youtube. thank you, youtube)

There is not a ‘favourite’.

Bowie sings of Jung, Himmler, Crawley, Orwell…

 Quicksand 1971. David Bowie
Don’t believe in yourself

Don’t deceive with belief
Knowledge comes
with death’s release

I’m not a prophet
or a stone age man
Just a mortal
with the potential of a superman
I’m living on

. . .
1974 Album Diamond Dogs
“Big Brother”
Lyrically, the song reflects the ending of Nineteen Eighty-Four, where Winston Smith’s brainwashing is complete, and he loves Big Brother.
“Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family”
This song is David Bowie’s interpretation of George Orwell’s “two minute hate” from his novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.
Its mesmerizing chanting represents the mind-numbing influence that the two minutes has over the brainwashed citizens of Oceania, 1984’s totalitarian government.”
. . .
1977 “Speed of life” – Track 1 from Low, the first part of his Berlin Trilogy.

To make “Low,” Mr. Bowie recalled: “I had brought the idea of having fundamentally an R & B rhythm section working against this new zeitgeist of electronic ambience that was happening in Germany.
It was terribly exciting to know that one had stumbled across something which was truly innovative.

This post could go on for ever, but it must end somewhere.
When I feel like adding something I will.
Thank you David Bowie.

Update: Popheads: – Tribute to David Bowie In the 70’s

Update:  Bowie’s death marks the Twilight of the Rock Gods

Kangaroos outnumber Green Jobs in Oz

Only in Oz would a mob of kangaroos in the shade of a tree out-number the workers in a green utopia of clean energy:

700 miles west of Sydney, a solar farm the size of London’s Hyde Park shimmers like an oasis – its panels sending enough electricity to the national grid to power 17,000 homes a year.

 Kangaroos occasionally outnumber the two or three people needed to run the plant.

The Australian government aims to get almost a quarter of the nation’s power from clean energy sources by 2020.

SMH, 22 December, 2015: How Broken Hill became a solar power trailblazer

The “Oasis” of green jobs is just one mirage in the green utopia of PM Talkbull as this will never supply a city like Sydney 24/7, 700 mies away.

Not even if you cut down trees & covered an area the size of  100 Hyde Parks with solar farms by 2020.


Getting rid of the hot air

Four years ago, environmental studies professor Roger Pielke Jr calculated that, in order to meet its 2020 emissions targets, Australia would need to replace its coal-generated electricity supply with 56 nuclear power plants – or open dozens of new solar power facilities every month.

Eager to be seen to be fighting climate change, Australia’s leaders had embraced a timetable Pielke describes as “fanciful at best”.