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Gavin Schmidt and Reference Period “Trickery”

Climate Audit

In the past few weeks, I’ve been re-examining the long-standing dispute over the discrepancy between models and observations in the tropical troposphere.  My interest was prompted in part by Gavin Schmidt’s recent attack on a graphic used by John Christy in numerous presentations (see recent discussion here by Judy Curry).   christy_comparison_2015Schmidt made the sort of offensive allegations that he makes far too often:

@curryja use of Christy’s misleading graph instead is the sign of partisan not a scientist. YMMV. tweet;

@curryja Hey, if you think it’s fine to hide uncertainties, error bars & exaggerate differences to make political points, go right ahead.  tweet.

As a result, Curry decided not to use Christy’s graphic in her recent presentation to a congressional committee.  In today’s post, I’ll examine the validity (or lack) of Schmidt’s critique.

Schmidt’s primary dispute, as best as I can understand it, was about…

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CSIRO: 97% Gloomy Religion

CSIRO boss defends shake-up, says politics of climate ‘more like religion than science’

Dr Marshall said he understood the concerns – from both abroad and his staff internally.

“I don’t blame our scientists for crying out – they’re passionate about what they do,” he said.

“When a scientist has spent 20 or 30 years working in a particular area, they love it, that’s what gets them out of bed in the morning – they’re not going to want to change.


Wait. What?

“they love it, that’s what gets them out of the bed in the morning”


What sort of person loves this?:

When the End of Human Civilization Is Your Day Job
Among many climate scientists, gloom has set in.

Things are worse than we think, but they can’t really talk about it.


Every Day.

Eternally Gloomy because their apocalypse fails to materialise.

Can’t talk about it.

Send money.

Worse Apocalypse. Ever.

CSIRO: Scientist dump 97%

Even Frasier would see the irony …

Scientists, whose job it is to predict the future, fail to predict their own future:

4 February, 2016:

The head of the CSIRO, Larry Marshall, said in a letter to staff on Thursday that the government’s science agency’s job had been “to prove climate change”.

“That question has been answered,” he told staff.

Continuing to do climate research would be akin to resting “on our laurels” and would be the “path to mediocrity”.

✈ ✈ ✈

Cue the 97% scientists who squawked  the mantra “the science is settled” now squeal “the science is not settled“:

Will Steffen, October 2013:

”We’d like to see a debate in this country that gets beyond these futile arguments about the science, which have been settled for decades in the scientific literature, and get on with the real debate about what is really the best way forward with dealing with the problem.

”So, yes, it is frustrating having to go back again and again and again and talk about what the science actually says.”

✈ ✈ ✈

Bonus Links

> CSIRO’s best solution:

November 13, 2011:  Carbon tax hit small: CSIRO

> Some History:

January 17, 2004: Global warming: a load of hot air?

The IPCC (and CSIRO) relied heavily on the Mann paper in coming to their global warming conclusions.




Flashback 2002: CO2 allegedly made the Harbin ice sculptures “sweaty”

Flashback 2002: CO2 allegedly made the Harbin ice sculptures “sweaty”.

Jan 8, 2008 

“Average annual temperatures in the city perched on the edge of Siberia hit 6.6 degrees Celsius (44 Fahrenheit) last year, the highest average since records began, and the ice sculptures are feeling the heat.

“In the beginning of December 2002, ice lanterns in Harbin melted right after they were sculpted. What came out of the work was sweaty ice sculptures,” Yin Xuemian, senior meteorologist at the Heilongjiang Observatory, told Reuters.

Problems got worse in 2006.”

✈ ✈ ✈
2016 & Not a word about Doomsday Global Warming this year:
PHOTOS: Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival expected to draw over 1,000,000 visitors.
✈ ✈ ✈   ✈ ✈ ✈

Global Warming: Murder in the name of

An editorial at investors.com is years too late:

Murder: An Acceptable Means For Fighting Global Warming?

Activists accused of blocking a rail line were acquitted last week of obstruction.
Jurors apparently felt their actions were justifiable because they were trying to save the climate.
How far will this be allowed to go?

Here is a news flash for the editor:

UK aid helps to fund forced sterilisation of India’s poor

“Court documents filed in India earlier this month claim that many victims have been left in pain, with little or no aftercare.
Across the country, there have been numerous reports of deaths and of pregnant women suffering miscarriages after being selected for sterilisation without being warned that they would lose their unborn babies.
Yet a working paper published by the UK’s Department for International Development in 2010 cited the need to fight climate change as one of the key reasons for pressing ahead with such programmes.
The document argued that reducing population numbers would cut greenhouse gases …”

* * *

Global Warming Heroes or Zeroes?

I don’t want to even think about what the weather would be like if some Australians didn’t ride bicycles:

Cyclists are climate-change heroes but we are often treated as villains

“So there I was, separated from my partner and our three-year-old, standing with my bike, five heavy panniers, two tents, beach ball and guitar all strapped on, and, dare I say it, a stowaway.

Zero, our wiry-haired Jack Russell, is as significant a family member as anyone else in our little tribe. When we go travelling he always comes.

So why do we chose to travel like this?

But we want to make a difference, we have pretty much gone fossil-fuel cold turkey, and breaking rules has become part of our reality.”

✈ ✈ ✈

One man’s reality is another mans unreality:

How family planning could be part of the answer to climate change

“You’ve changed your lightbulbs, you recycle, you’ve retrofitted your house, cycle when you can, and drive an electric car when you can’t.

You’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon emissions and prevent dangerous climate change.

But if you have two children, your legacy of carbon emissions could be 40-times higher than those you saved through lifestyle changes.”

✈ ✈ ✈

Pet dogs as bad for planet as driving 4x4s, book claims

“Owners should consider doing without, downsizing or even eating their pets to help save the planet, according to a new book.

A medium-sized dog has the same impact as a Toyota Land Cruiser driven 6,000 miles a year, while a cat is equivalent to a Volkswagen Golf.”

✈ ✈ ✈   ✈ ✈ ✈   ✈ ✈ ✈   ✈ ✈ ✈   ✈ ✈ ✈   ✈ ✈ ✈

The 97% stupid. It hurts.

Global Warming really means Snowball Warming

January 6, 2016:
Hillary Clinton Points to Snow in January as Proof of [Global Warming]

Hillary Clinton mustered her best Sen. James Inhofe (R., Okla.) impression during a grassroots event in Nevada on Wednesday afternoon when she pointed to snowfall in Nevada during the month of January as proof climate change is real.

The Democratic frontrunner mocked her Republican rivals for their reluctance to accept manmade climate change to be an absolute fact.

✈ ✈ ✈

24 January, 2016:
Snow blindness

To help make his case that people cannot be influencing the climate, Jim Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma, cited archaeology and scripture.

Then he produced a snowball, and said, “I ask the chair, do you know what this is?
It’s a snowball, just from outside here. It’s very, very cold out.”

Glorying in his idiocy, Mr Inhofe, who was chairman of an important environmental committee at the time, then tossed the snowball at his Republican colleague.

With Washington currently under two feet of snow, this episode is worth remembering for two reasons.

 First, because the ignorance, wilful or otherwise, many Republicans display on global warming is not dissipating.

The second reason why Mr Inhofe’s stunt is worth recalling is that, were it repeated today, it could, tentatively, be argued that the snowball was evidence of global warming.

✈ ✈ ✈

Like two bald men fighting over a comb …

January 22, 2016:

Twitter fight! Bernie and Hillary battle it out over who has the better climate plan

✈ ✈ ✈
97% Settled Science
IPCC, 2001: “Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms”
IPCC, 2007: “Global climate change is likely to be accompanied by an increase in the frequency and intensity of heat waves, as well as warmer summers and milder winters

(see Table 3-10).” (via brennerbrief)

Global Warming: who’s children’s children are the 97% “saving the planet” for?

When climate scientists/believers in 97% Doomsday Global Warming claim they are are “saving the planet” for “the children’s children”, who’s children’s children are they talking about?

1. The Science:

How family planning could be part of the answer to climate change

You’ve changed your lightbulbs, you recycle, you’ve retrofitted your house, cycle when you can, and drive an electric car when you can’t.

You’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon emissions and prevent dangerous climate change.
But if you have two children, your legacy of carbon emissions could be 40-times higher than those you saved through lifestyle changes.

In fact, under dangerous climate change scenarios in 2050, nearly a third of carbon emissions can be avoided by slowing population growth.

✈ ✈ ✈
2. 97% Solutions in Practice:

UK aid helps to fund forced sterilisation of India’s poor

Tens of millions of pounds of UK aid money have been spent on a programme that has forcibly sterilised Indian women and men, the Observer has learned.

  Many have died as a result of botched operations, while others have been left bleeding and in agony.

 A number of pregnant women selected for sterilisation suffered miscarriages and lost their babies.

With officials and doctors paid a bonus for every operation, poor and little-educated men and women in rural areas are routinely rounded up and sterilised without having a chance to object.

 Activists say some are told they are going to health camps for operations that will improve their general wellbeing and only discover the truth after going under the knife.

Yet a working paper published by the UK’s Department for International Development in 2010 cited the need to fight climate change as one of the key reasons for pressing ahead with such programmes.

 The document argued that reducing population numbers would cut greenhouse gases, although it warned that there were “complex human rights and ethical issues” involved in forced population control.

✈ ✈ ✈  ✈ ✈ ✈  ✈ ✈ ✈  ✈ ✈ ✈
A Sick Joke?
Here we have 97% climate scientists lamenting the state of the planet they will leave to their children’s children in a catastrophic computer generated future only their depressing imaginations can conjure up.

0.00 seconds: In reality, the most profound impacts of climate change  [Global Warming], are going to be felt by later generations, by my daughter and her children.”

✈ ✈ ✈
No need to repost any more videos from “More Than Scientists; The People Behind Climate Science”. A visit to the site will avail you of many more who deny their own 97% science.
✈ ✈ ✈
✈ Who’s “children’s children” are the 97% saving the planet for?
Definitely not the poor and uneducated of India. ✈
Obama:  “The  science couldn’t be clearer – we owe it to our kids to do everything we can to combat climate change.”
Quite so, Obama endorses the killing of poor, uneducated Indians and their children so that his children’s children can survive his imaginary  climate apocalypse.

Arrhenius, Svante; Prof.

In 1902, the father of global warming predicted that burning coal would make the Earth boil.

Simple Physics – Settled Science

Hint to Coal Consumers 

“A Swedish professor, Svend Arrhenius, has evolved a new theory of the extinction of the human race.

He holds that the combustion of coal by civilized man is gradually warming the atmosphere so that the course of a few cycles of 10,000 years the earth will be baked in a temperature close to boiling point.

He bases his theory on the accumulation of carbonic acid in the atmosphere, which acts as a glass in concentrating and refracting the heat of the sun.”

* * *
In 1910, the father of global warming saw burning coal and doubling CO2 as a huge benefit to mankind.

How The Burning of Coal Vitiates The Atmosphere

” It has been called to our attention by Prof. Arrhenius, the consumption of coal at present  is returning to the atmosphere the carbon dioxide of which it was robbed when deposits of carbon were stored away in coal beds during the carboniferous period.”
“… a doubling of the quantity in the atmosphere would more than double the growth of plant life.”
* * *
For the Record:

The London Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazineand Journal of Science [Fifth Series] April 1896.

XXXI. On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground. By Prof. Svante Arrhenius *.

Thanks to realclimatescience.com for historic links